Chipotle Bourbon
Like a perfectly aged scotch, Chipotle Bourbon embodies a complexity of layers. Sweet and tangy flavors hit full blast. The robust taste and texture of carmelized onion and garlc surface, punctuated by a deep smack of bourbon. Smoked and roasted chilies release heat that comforts the palate.
Habenero Pineapple
This combination of sweet and spicy is perfection. The small touch of Habenero that lingers on your lips is soothing and comforting. When counter-balanced by the freshness of pineapple a very unique and exciting bbq sauce is born.
Thai Chile Tamarind
Tamarind, a tropical fruit, is paired with an array of chilies in this exciting version of Hak's bbq sauce. This is once again an "out of the box" look at something so simple like bbq sauce. Go ahead and try something new, who knows, you may love it!